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basement remodelingThere are so many options when creating new space in your home – from a kitchen or bath remodel, to a whole home renovation. At MARK IV Builders, we bring extensive expertise in helping to expand your home – even when you’re feeling space it tight. If you live in the city, and don’t have the room for an addition, we can help!

Working in the Metro DC area, we have found that adding a top story or building out a finished basement is sometimes the best way to expand your home’s living space. But what if your current cellar is only a dirt crawl space, too damp for furnishing, or too shallow to stand in? That’s okay!

basement remodeling marylandDigging a Basement Takes A Pro

It’s important to know that digging out a basement, also called underpinning, is a time-consuming, high-cost process that should be left to an experienced contractor. At a cost of $100-200 per square foot (including the completed renovation), underpinning is one of the costlier renovation projects you can undertake.

The fees for digging out a basement, including the full remodeling project start around $200,000.

Want to know how it works? Check out this 90-second time-lapse video to get a better idea of how we build a basement.

The higher price tag for this type of work is because it must be done by hand, using a shovel, not heavy machinery. Excavation machinery moves too quickly and can cause serious damage in an instant. Furthermore, the fumes it emits under your home will permeate the rest of the home, leaving behind a noxious odor that’s very hard to eliminate.

So what type of room do you want to create in your new basement space? Here are a few common basement remodeling ideas for your home:

  • Spare bedroom
  • In-law or Nanny suite
  • Bathroom
  • Bar
  • Family room
  • Play room
  • Media room
  • Storage

Are you ready to start your basement remodeling project? You have many options and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help turn your house into the home of your dreams! Call MARK IV Builders to schedule your remodeling consultation today!

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