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Home Renovation Ideas for your DC-Area Home

The Washington DC area offers a variety of challenges for homeowners. The climate is humid and sometimes swampy. The property values are high, and many residents are transitory, so there is rapid turnover in properties. Traffic is difficult, and commutes can be long. This combination of[...]

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Should I Convert to an Open Floor Plan?

Consider these 8 simple questions and find out! Can you relate to these common homeowner complaints? “Our house is cramped!” “My kitchen is tiny.” “We don’t have a master suite!” Regardless of the shortcoming, many DC-area homeowners find their living space does not quite[...]

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Do I Choose Design Build vs Architect Bid Build?

Was there life before professional architects? Yep. At one time buildings were designed and built by “master builders.” A great example is the U.S Patent Office in Washington, D.C. which opened in 1942. A master builder designed it, not an architect. The building is still a[...]

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Design Build Takes the Stress out of Remodeling

What would you say if we told you we could take the stress out of remodeling? Would you scoff and say that’s impossible because home remodeling is the very definition of stress? But if it were true…? Would you contract for that addition you’ve always wanted, gut your outdated[...]

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How to Replace a Retaining Wall

Watch Us Build a Retaining Wall! Have you ever wondered what it takes to replace a retaining wall on your property? This short video shows us replace the wooden retaining wall in my back yard with a massive stone one. It’s a big project as you will see! Watch the video or read the[...]

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