What to Expect

What to Expect

What you can expect from start to finish remodeling with MARK IV Builders involves a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to, weekly meetings, and daily communication.

Step 1: It All Starts with a Conversation

You need some remodeling done to your home and you want a local company with a strong reputation for quality work. Call MARK IV Builders and get the ball rolling by speaking with one of our Design Build Specialists. We’ll answer all of your initial questions and ask a few in return.

Together we will schedule a home meeting to talk about your project in greater detail. During that time, we will also discuss your budget. We want to clearly understand your budgetary goals so we can help shape an affordable solution to your remodeling needs. Our broad experience with renovations big and small is helpful in guiding discussions about what is possible for your home within specific budget parameters. We’ll review a sample MARK IV contract and explain it in detail.

Within a week of our first meeting, you’ll get a letter recapping the discussion and summarizing our initial conclusions. The ball is then in your court. If you want MARK IV Builders to take on your project (and we sincerely hope that you do) then call us to move forward.

Step 2: The Design Phase of Your Project Begins

When the time comes to explore your design options you will sign a Design Agreement and we will carefully match you with an architect who can best meet your needs. Together we will lay out your wish-list and create a remodeling design for your project.

Toward the end of the design phase, we hold “TRADE DAY” when the plumber, electrician, and other specialty subcontractors visit your home. They receive the design plans and specifications specific to their work, a tour of the job site, and each one meets with you briefly to get a clear understanding, directly from you, about your project goals. This ensures that we are all “on the same page” and effectively communicating. You now sign your construction contract.

Step 3: Remodeling Construction Moves Ahead

A pre-construction meeting kicks off the next phase of your remodeling project. You’ll meet your dedicated site superintendent who will oversee your project (and ONLY your project). During this meeting, you and your site superintendent review a comprehensive checklist of practical issues, like where the crew should park, as well as any special considerations involving children, animals, or security systems.

Step 4: We’ve Got a Schedule to Meet

The schedule is our road map. It is a customized written master schedule for each job and we stick to it like glue. The schedule outlines the various stages of your project from demolition to finish work. It is a time-based checklist for the homeowner to make decisions in a reasonable time frame and not under pressure. We post the schedule on site and update it regularly. Plus you have a copy of the complete schedule with your construction contract. You can tell at a glance how the work is going relative to the schedule.

Step 5: Weekly Meetings Keep Everyone On Track

At the outset of the project, we will schedule weekly progress meetings with you. The site superintendent and usually the production manager both meet with you each week to review the accomplishments of the past week; discuss plans for the upcoming week; discuss any issues or concerns you may have; and remind you of pending decisions you must make regarding fixtures or color selections, for example. Weekly meetings also help keep payments on schedule.

Step 6: Follow-up Is Part of Your Service

When the awaited day arrives and your beautiful new remodel is complete, we perform a final inspection. Owner Mark Scott, a master builder and design/build specialist, performs this inspection personally to make sure every detail meets his high standards. Together with Mark, you develop a “walk-through list” recording minor issues that need to be addressed to satisfy the homeowners and MARK IV. The items on the list are each addressed and you are presented with a “close-out” book that includes all colors, materials, phone numbers, and warranty information related to the job.

But wait, because that’s not all! Two additional inspections are scheduled following project completion: one in six months and another in 12 months. MARK IV recognizes that the house needs to go through a full heating and cooling cycle, there will be minor issues such as cracks or nail-pops. We will repair all such “settling” imperfections at the 12-month inspection. We know that at this point these types of repairs will stay repaired.

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