Quality with Speed

Quality with Speed

Untitled-2aNo Other Remodeler Dares Make Our Promise

We’re bold and we know it! In today’s world of carefully “lawyered” guarantees and promises laced with loopholes, what possesses MARK IV Builders to agree to such an aggressive schedule? After 25+ years in the business, we know the secret to success is personal referrals from happy homeowners.

Our clients use us multiple times and refer us to friends and neighbors because they like our work and enjoy working with us. They appreciate the way we communicate. They love dealing with their own dedicated project superintendent. And our rigid project schedule, which we promise to stick to, is their assurance that the remodel goes exactly as planned.

A Home Remodel with No Surprises

Clear and ongoing communication is the cornerstone of a successful remodel. It is why we can assure every project will finish on time and within budget. The schedule, dedicated superintendent, and weekly meetings ensure everyone is on the same page from day one.

m8The Schedule Will Keep You Current

A complete project schedule is included in your contract and posted each week on the job site. It’s the roadmap. You can look at that schedule each day and week to follow progress. Rest-assured, there is progress made every single day. The schedule lists your action items in red so you know what decisions are looming like what plumbing fixtures you’ve chosen or paint colors. The schedule also includes our draws so that you know when payments are due.

A Dedicated On-Site Superintendent Maintains the Pace

Homeowners NEVER battle for the attention of a MARK IV Builders project supervisor because we assemble dedicated project teams. That means you get your very own dedicated superintendent, an experienced master carpenter, on your project. Your superintendent helps move your project forward each and every day, coordinating all the moving parts, keeping you apprised of progress, and ensuring daily and weekly milestones are met. A dedicated superintendent on every job costs more, but it is the primary reason we finish our projects faster than anyone else. It’s how we can keep our promise.

Weekly Meetings Help Homeowners Monitor the Progress

You attend weekly progress meetings as part of your remodel. These weekly meetings play a very important role in our ongoing communication. Homeowners are informed of what’s going on…and that makes all kinds of problems disappear. The production manager and site superintendent attend. During each meeting a three-part form details what work happened in the past week and what is planned for the following week. Homeowners are given a heads-up on what decisions are approaching so that nothing falls behind schedule. Then at the end of the meeting, everyone initials and signs the form.

Your Architect and Subcontractors Are Hand-Picked

We work with the most reputable architects and subcontractors in the area. In fact, we know them so well that we match each project with the architect who is the best fit for a homeowner’s style, goals, and personality.

We also hand select suppliers and subcontractors based upon the job. Before the job begins, we bring all our trade specialists (plumbing, electrical, etc) to your home for a tour of the project and to meet you. It’s important that everyone involved in your project is familiar with the entire job and they hear your goals and concerns in person. Our subcontractors are known and trusted for high quality work and they meet our strict schedule requirements.

Mark Scott Stays Involved

Owner Mark Scott visits every project site each week to monitor progress and take pictures. Mark presents you with your project photos upon job completion for your own records. And he returns six and 12 months later to make sure you are happy with your home. If any settling caused a nail pop or other alteration to your home addition or remodel, he’ll send a skilled worker back to fix it.

Are You Ready to Live in the Home of Your Dreams?

If you are still not sure, we invite you to speak with any one of our clients. They are the best references any company could ever hope for because they now live in the homes of their dreams! Call us today for a list of references or schedule a personal consultation with one of our design-build specialists.

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