An Announcement from MARK IV Builders

After nearly 50 years, it’s time for the next step in my life. It’s time to retire. Nancy and I started MARK IV Builders in September of 1988. I couldn’t have done this without her. We started the business in the study of our house and we are finishing it together from the basement of that same house. We now have a granddaughter and a grandson and have another on the way. Mimi and Grandpa are looking forward to spending more time loving and spoiling those grandkids. I’m looking forward to building a bigger shop for my woodworking. I’ll continue making boxes, but I want to venture out into more furniture building and into more difficult projects like rocking chairs and maybe some contemporary furniture.

Future Newsletter

I’ve never spent much time on social media, but I’ll be retired and I’m told that I will learn it. I imagine I will do something on Facebook. But until I get set up on there, I will at least do periodic shop updates. If that is something that interests you, send me an email at, and I will add you to the shop email list.

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